Hitching Post Inn

Resort and Conference Center

1700 West Lincolnway

Cheyenne, Wyoming  82003     1-800-221-0125

Group:  National Young Farmer Educational Institute

Date of Event:  November 28, 2000 - December 2, 2000

Attention:  Reservations, 1700 W. Linclonway, Cheyenne, WY  82003

Check-In Time 3:00 p.m./Check-Out Time in Noon




Please send 1st nights rental with room request or Credit Card number.

Credit Card Company_________________________________________________________

Credit Card #______________________________________Exp. Date__________________

(deposit will be refunded if room is canceled 24 hours prior to reservation date.)

Please reserve the following for __________Person(s)

Arrive____________________________Depart___________________________  20____

Full Service Accommodations at the Hitching Post Inn (circle one)

$50 Single       $60  Double Occupancy    ( Plus 7% tax)